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Fabulous Firsts Are Coming! 2018 Dates

Every child deserves an equal opportunity to learn and succeed, including Helena’s first graders. We honor the importance of reading in a child’s learning process by providing each first-grade student with a brand new, hardcover book. We celebrate our students with an event at each elementary school to gift every student with a new book to read in their classrooms and take home to read with family and friends. Join us to celebrate and honor all of our first graders and help introduce them to the joy reading can bring.

2018 Dates

Broadwater 6-Sep 2:30
Rossiter 7-Sep 2:30
Jim Darcy 11-Sep 2:00
Kessler 12-Sep 2:45
Central 13-Sep 2:30
Hawthorne 13-Sep 2:30
Bryant 18-Sep 2:45
Warren 19-Sep 2:45
Jefferson 19-Sep 2:45
Smith 21-Sep 2:30
Four Georgians 21-Sep 2:45