Helena Schools

Spotlight on Four Georgians

Fabulous Firsts

Four Georgians Elementary first graders have received a total of 656 new hardcover books since 2003 and the Helena Education Foundation enjoyed giving new books to the 2010 first graders in September.

Carnival Classic

Four Georgians students, staff and parents have been involved in the Carnival Classic since it began in 2002. Special thanks to Karry Hauck for her work on the Carnival planning committee!




Four Georgians Principal Melinda Thompson has been an active participant in the Helena Education Foundation’s Leadership Institutes and Trading Places programs.


Great Ideas Grants

Four Georgians Elementary has received a total of $5,300 from the Helena Education Foundation’s Great Ideas Grant program.

  • 2007: “This is a Test” by Gary Myers
  • 2007: “Little Husky Learners” by Maria Goebel
  • 2010: “Going Green” by Helga Stimson and Joslyn Carney


Celebration of Excellence

The Helena Education Foundation has honored the following Four Georgians Distinguished Educators at the annual Celebration of Excellence:

  • Gretchen Heller, 2010
  • Karry Hauck, 2009 & 2004
  • Linda Lynch, 2005
  • Jodi Hill, 2004
  • Marilyn Clark, 2003