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Spotlight on Helena Middle School


Carnival Classic

HMS students, staff and parents have been involved in the Carnival Classic since it began in 2002. 


Helena Middle School Principal Josh McKay and assistant principal Vanessa Nasset have been active participants in the Helena Education Foundation’s Leadership Institutes and Trading Places programs.
Great Ideas Grants
Helena Middle School has received a total of $59,625 from the Helena Education Foundation’s Great Ideas Grant program.
For more information about Great Ideas Grants, please visit www.hefmt.org 
Let’s Talk about Great Teachers
Jim McGrane, HMS 2010 award recipient
Katie Meyer, HMS 2009 award recipient
Amanda Curtis, HMS 2008 award recipient
Celebration of Excellence
The following HMS teachers have been honored as Distinguished Educators at the Celebration of Excellence:
  • Deb Biehl 2005
  • Cal Boyle 2011
  • Claudia Crase, 2008
  • Jesse Franzen 2011, 2010
  • Peg Hartman 2006
  • Michelle Johnson 2004
  • Tom Lipp 2005
  • Jim McGrane 2006
  • Josh McKay 2007, 2006
  • Anne Moody 2009, 2007
  • Dan O’Leary 2003
  • Cheryl Plettner 2010
  • Jon Runnalls 2009