Helena Schools

Spotlight on PAL

Great Ideas Grants: PAL has received a total of $11,527 from the Helena Education Foundation’s Great Ideas Grant program.
For more information about Great Ideas Grants, please visit www.hefmt.org

2003: “Math Meets the Civil War” by Kathy Collins and Tim Garrett

2004: “Preserving Milestones” by Marie Rauch

2006: “Nature’s Classroom” by Sarah Huber

2006: “Cleaning Up Your Act” by Renee Driessen

2008: “A Day in the Life” by Marie Rauch

2008: “Blowing in the Wind” by Ken Rasile

2008: “The Helena Online Academy” was launched by Jason Neiffer

2011: “Birds of a Feather” by Marie Rauch

Celebration of Excellence

The following PAL teachers have been honored as Distinguished Educators at the Celebration of Excellence:

Kathy Collins 2010, 2012
Renee’ Driessen 2007, 2004
Tim Garrett 2010
Sarah Huber 2011, 2009
Claudia Morley 2006
Tom Paxson 2006
Ken Rasile 2008
Marie Rauch 2005, 2004
Jeri Rittel 2007, 2003
Greg Wald, 2012

Carnival Classic: PAL staff made a big splash at the 10th Annual Carnival Classic.

PAL Principal Craig Crawford has been an active participant in the Helena Education Foundation’s Leadership Institutes and Trading Places programs.